Afero Hardware Products

With our hardware products, you can speed up and simplify your development process. Afero technology abstracts security and connectivity from product development.

Modulo-2 Development Board

The Modulo-2 is part of the Afero-Mod2-XPRO IoT development kit, which connects any Microchip microcontroller with an XPRO interface to the Modulo-2 IoT reference design board. The kit allows easy and rapid firmware development to connect IoT applications to the Afero Cloud environment through either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® low energy technology. Modulo-2 can operate either within the socketed environment of the adapter board or, once programmed, autonomously. Modulo-2 provides a simple and easy to use IoT reference design.

Read the Product Brief – Purchase from Microchip – P/N ATAFERO-MOD2-XPRO

ASR-1 Secure Radio Module

A Bluetooth® low energy system-in-package (SIP) that supports ultra-low power connectivity for data communication. Built into every ASR-1 is a security chip, preprogrammed to operate in conjunction with the Afero Cloud, as well as the Bluetooth radio, and a dedicated Hardware Security Module (HSM). The dedicated HSM brings added layers of security and authentication to every device. ASR-1 is especially suited for small form factor devices and low-power applications, well designed for the Internet of Things.

Read the Product Brief – Purchase from Mouser – P/N 461-AFERO-BL24-01

Modulo-1 Development Board

A small form-factor carrier board for the ASR-1 module. It is a system-in-package dual-inline-package (SIP DIP). Because Modulo-1 includes the authentication, encryption, and connection management software of ASR-1, a secure and reliable connection to the Afero Cloud is ensured. ASR-1 can be used standalone or attached to an Afero Plinto or PJRC Teensy development board to give your project secure connectivity, a mobile app, and cloud API in minutes.

Read the Product Brief – Purchase from Mouser – P/N 461-AFERO-DB-01

Plinto Development Board

A shield board to be used with the Modulo-1 development board. Use Plinto to extend the capabilities of the Modulo-1 dev board by attaching it to an Uno or other compatible Arduino board. Connect more shields to Plinto to add functionality to your project, then use the Afero Profile Editor to set up these functions for remote control via the Afero Cloud. By using Plinto with a Modulo-1 dev board, any project can be transformed into a secure, smart product. Note that Plinto is compatible with the Modulo-1 dev board, not the Modulo-2.

Read the Product Brief – Purchase from Mouser – P/N 461-AFERO-DB-02