Introducing Afero

What’s the Deal with Afero?

Afero is powering the next generation of IoT products. We offer a secure, end-to-end solution for creating connected products, and best of all our solution scales from the very small (hobbyists and makers) to the very large (multinational consumer electronics companies).


Security is at the core of Afero. We think your data should always be safe and secure. That’s why our products have an embedded Hardware Security Module (HSM). Using HSMs allows us to encrypt all data transmitted between Afero enabled devices and the Cloud, without sacrificing speed or requiring a lot of power. This is especially important for battery-powered devices.

Turnkey + End-to-End

There are a lot of things to consider when building a connected product: wireless protocols, antenna design, power consumption, internet connectivity, cloud providers, database schemas, global availability, mobile platform support… and the list goes on. And all of these things are in addition to designing the actual product. This is where Afero comes in. We provide turnkey solutions for building the next generation of IoT products. Take any device, add the Afero Secure Radio, do some simple configuration, and BAM! Your device is graduating summa cum laude from IoT University.

Rapid Prototyping

The Afero Platform has been designed specifically to get developers up and running as quickly as possible. Use our Afero development boards to give your project secure connectivity, smartphone control, and a cloud API in minutes. This means more time working on your IoT idea, and less time building all the required plumbing.

Scaling to Mass Production

Afero scales from individual maker prototypes to millions of units. We’ve partnered with Murata and Microchip, two of the most trusted names in electronics manufacturing, to produce our development boards and modules.