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Afero afLib4 R1.0

Release date: October 14, 2019

  • Updated and simplified example apps, including addition of full_api_example app, which documents every event afLib generates and how to handle each event.
  • Updated handling of device Profile default values. AF_LIB_EVENT_MCU_DEFAULT_NOTIFICATION is now purely informational, and the new AF_LIB_EVENT_MCU_GET_REQUEST event will request that MCU send current value – including default value if desired – of each MCU attribute. Read more in Callbacks and Events.
  • Added reason parameter to af_lib_set_attribute()function to indicate the reason the MCU is setting the attribute at the time. Read more about this function in Getting/Setting Attributes.
  • Support added for Plumo-2D devices.
  • Platforms now supported include Arduino, Linux, and STM32.

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