Developer Hub Release Notes

Afero Developer Hub R1.1

Release date: December 18, 2017

  • Debian packaging updates:
    • Removed requirement for supervisord daemon management utility.
    • Converted startup/shutdown scripts to systemd services.
    • Fixed an issue where occasionally daemons wouldn’t restart after running “dpkg-reconfigure”.
  • Beetle updates:
    • Many fixes to Bluetooth® low energy connection management.
    • Properly restarts scanning when Linux Kernel 4.4 stops delivering advertisement packets.
    • No longer requires running on older Raspbian; we now support “Stretch” OS (version 2017-08-16 or newer).
  • Hubby updates:
    • Bug fixes to bring Developer Hub functionality in sync with soft hub (mobile app hub) functionality.
    • Support for Afero peripheral mode devices.
  • The Afero Hub Software (“Beetle” and “Hubby”) can now be operated on two separate hosts for testing purposes. To learn more, read Running Afero Hub Software on Separate Hosts (.pdf).