Added Modulo but can't see it in the mobile app

Hello ,
I have the afero module AFERO-DB-01 i am not able to connect it to my mobile phone i have samsung note 3 SM-N900 android 5.0.
I installed the mobile application and scanned the QR code and the device is offline , when i connect the device to the micro usb it blinks and nothing happens in the mobile application it is always offline.


Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I’ll be happy to look into this.

Once the device has power (it’ll blink when boots, as you’ve seen), you should see it in the mobile app in a few moments. Please ensure that you have Bluetooth enabled on your mobile device, as the Modulo will connect to your phone via Bluetooth and then use the phone’s data connection to connect to the Afero Cloud. Could you verify that you have BT turned on your mobile device for me? Also, if you don’t mind, please email me at jgeorge at and let me know the email address you’re using for your Afero account so I can check the logs to see if there have been any connection attempts from your device.