Afero Developer Hub 1.1 Released!

Hello developers!

We’re proud to release an update to the Afero Developer Hub for you today!

If you’re not familiar with the Developer Hub, this is a series of packages we’ve released for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer that will turn a Pi into a small Afero hub. It’s not as fully functional or polished as a “real” hub product or the hub in the mobile app, but if you’re working with Afero devices, having a Developer Hub hanging around nearby is a huge convenience so you don’t have to keep your phone awake and running the Afero mobile app all the time.

You can find installation instructions for the Developer Hub at

Release notes outlining some of the basic changes from the 1.0 release are at

Please note that if you’re currently running a Pi on the Developer Hub 1.0 release, the “upgrade” to the new hub software will be an OS reinstall to get you on the latest release of Raspbian as well as the new Hub code. There is no clean “upgrade” to the new Hub packages on the old Raspbian release that the 1.0 packages required.

Also in this release we support running the two hub daemons (“beetle” and “hubby”) on two separate Pi systems. This is not something that you would normally ever want to do, but we’ve had requests from a couple of developers to be able to separate the functions for traffic-shaping tests, so we’ve published a Tech Note on how to do it if you’re so inclined (

As always, feedback and comments are encouraged, let us know how we can make your job easier!

Afero loves you,