Afero Gets Real...the apps are officially released!

Hi Afero Developers!

We at Afero are very pleased to announce that as of today, 7/14/16, we are officially out of “Early Access” mode.

This means that the Afero mobile apps for both iOS and Android* are now available from their respective app stores, so that any end-user can download and use the Afero apps. This, in turn, means that you, the developer, can now use Afero to build projects and products that you can make available to the world!

Of course, we will continue adding features and capabilities to the Afero platform–this is only the beginning.

We invite all of you interested in developing with Afero to visit the “Getting Started” page, to access to resources that will have you up and building in no time.

We’re excited to be entering this new phase in the growth of the Afero Platform, and we’re tremendously eager to see how you developers use the platform to make your IoT ideas a reality!

Let us know what you think about Afero, and how you plan to use it. You can reach us on the forum,, or contact us via email at

The Afero Team

*Note to Android users: Before you download the free Afero app from Google Play, you must first uninstall the Early Access app before you install the new Android app.