Afero July 2017 Platform Update Release Notes


Afero Release Notes
for Modulo 1.2 Firmware, afLib 1.2, and the Afero Profile Editor

These notes outline the major changes and enhancements to the platform that are being released today, July 25th, 2017.

Please note: Instructions for upgrading your devices and developer environment are included in this forum post. Please be sure to check it out!

Firmware Release 1.2
Release Date: 25 July 2017

  • New State Attribute - Allows the MCU to know the state of the ASR, including linked, updating, and update-ready-to-apply.
  • New Command Attribute - Lets the MCU reboot the Modulo.
  • New Linked Timestamp Attribute - Modulo now knows what time it is.
  • Count Support - A GPIO can be configured to count input pulses.
  • FIXED_15_16 Support - Support for a new fixed-point data type.
  • Input Debouncing - A GPIO can be configured to debounce noisy input signals.
  • UART Support - A MCU can now be connected via UART.
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements.

Afero Profile Editor R1.0
Release Date: 24 July 2017

  • Standalone installer version, no longer a Chrome app
  • Can reorder UI Control value options.
  • Support added for UART MCU protocol.
  • Can clone a Project from the OS File menu.
  • Support added for FIXED data types.
  • For FIXED data types, developer can enter the number of slider step values.
  • Added a power use calculator for ASR-1 modules.
  • Can apply a debounce interval to an associated input.
  • Added count option for Input attributes.
  • Added a QR Code Generator tool on the Publish pane.

afLib Arduino Library 1.2
Release Date: 25 July 2017

  • Reduce serial monitor baud rate to 9600 to match Arduino default
  • Add UART support for the MCU interface
  • Add a define at the top of the examples to allow you to specify SPI or UART
  • Define RX/TX pins for the UART interface
  • Add some helper functions for printing received system attributes
  • Add code to reboot ASR when an update is pending
  • Retry setAttribute operations until they are successful
  • Update profiles with latest version of Afero Profile Editor to get new system attributes
  • Define a common transport interface that is implemented by both UART and SPI interfaces
  • Remove an obsolete update reason
  • Add constants for the SYNC_REQUEST and SYNC_ACK messages
  • Add a define to make it easy to turn on debugging of the transport layer
  • Send the correct update reason in update messages to the ASR
  • ArduinoSPI call has changed from ArduinoSPI(CS_PIN) to ArduinoSPI(CS_PIN, &Serial). You will need to make this one-line change to existing sketches.
  • Update afBlink example to implement handlers for some new system attributes. Note the handler for the new AF_SYSTEM_ASR_STATE attribute in the attrNotifyHandler. This new attribute lets you know the state of the Modulo. It will also let your sketch know when an update is pending so you can do house keeping before sending the command to the Modulo to tell it to reboot and apply the update.