afLib Update 3/24/16

Hi Afero Developers!

Today Afero is releasing an update to the afLib, available at

It’s important to note that if you’re currently using afLib in sketches, the signatures of both the afLib constructor, as well as setAttribute(), have changed. You’ll need to update your sketches accordingly. You can see examples of the new syntax on the afLib API page at

afLib 3/24/16 Release Notes

  • The library now supports a String of any length. In the previous releases, String support was unreliable.
  • The library was extended to support both Arduino and Raspberry Pi using a common code base.
  • The library now always calls onSetAttributeComplete for an associated setAttribute call, regardless of where the attribute lives. Previously this function was not called for MCU attributes.
  • The library now only allows one set/get attribute call to execute at a time. Other calls are queued until they can be serviced.
  • The setAttribute method names were changed to reflect the associated attribute type. C was not resolving the previous method signatures correctly.
  • The Arduino board definitions were cleaned up, plus support was added for the ATMega2560.

The Afero Team