Getting location info via cloud API


Is there a way to know which hub an ASR-1 currently or last connected to using cloud API?

I’m trying to come up with a concept demo that shows location based asset tracking.
I would probably use a modulo and two hubs(smart phones running Afero app logged into one same account). I would turn BLE ON on one of the hubs and OFF on the other and vice versa, forcing the modulo to pair to whichever the hub that provides BLE connectivity.


Hi Wataru!

Being able to locate an ASR-1 in a hub network is something we’ve experimented with in the lab, but we haven’t been able to make it work with a level of accuracy that we’re comfortable supporting for external developers. I’m sorry, but for the moment this isn’t information that you would be able to access directly.

This is something we want to be able to offer, so if we can update the firmware to provide a more accurate way to locate ASR-1 devices in this manner, we’ll definitely let everyone know!