How do I write my own mobile application?


You can use the Afero Cloud APIs to read and write attributes. These APIs allow you to write applications on any platform using a simple HTTP interface. For more information see:


Is it possible to integrate the “hub software included in the Afero mobile app” into our own mobile applications? Aside from the Afero Secure Hub hardware device, and the Afero mobile app, do any other options exist for facilitating the connection to the ASR-1 modules?


That’s an excellent question, and the answer for now is “yes, that’s ultimately the goal, but today, not quite.” The hub service is critical to Afero devices being able to stay connected all the time, and the mobile-app-as-hub was the fastest way we could get that technology in to the hands of developers to start working with the platform.

We do have a standalone hub product in the works as you mentioned, and for developers we have a “soft hub” application also in the works that will allow you to emulate a hub on your workstation or a cheap SBC so you don’t have to rely on the mobile app all the time. Packaging and distributing that soft hub is a very high priority project for me (and I have one stopper issue that’s keeping us from posting it, so hopefully that’s something we’ll be able to provide really soon).

If you have a larger scale project in mind where you’d want to implement the hub software in your own mobile app, drop me an email (my email address is just my username here and I’ll connect you up with some of our business development folks who’d be happy to talk with you about your requirements.




Hey Joe,

Thanks for the informative reply. I imagined that was the case, but I just wanted to make sure that was on your roadmap so I could verify that my understanding of the Afero ecosystem was correct. Right now I’m mostly exploring some options - no solid plans for a large scale project quite yet. I’d love to see a “soft hub” application available for Ras Pi 3 or Intel Edison for doing some rapid prototyping / deployments. I’ll watch for all the cool things that you’ll be releasing soon.

Thanks again!


That’s correct. In a perfect world, you as a manufacturer would integrate our Secure Radio chip into your product, integrate our hub technology into the connected stack for your product (your own mobile app, or whatever) and then the end user wouldn’t even know we exist except for hopefully a “powered by Afero” slogan somewhere on your stuff. It would all look like you did the amazing connectivity and integration all on your own, and it just magically worked with all the other Afero-powered stuff out there, because that’s the amazing kinda company that you run. We’re here just to make you look good. Well, and get paid for it. :smile: