How to enable cloud to cloud messaging?


i am not finding a way to enable cloud to cloud messaging please advice


elie and I had this discussion over email instead of on the forum, but for anyone else searching… We support cloud to cloud messaging from the Afero Cloud to your own service and we can push attribute changes from your devices to your cloud in a couple of different ways. Please check out the tech note at for more information!



Link does not seem to be working. I get a 404 error.


Hmm. Looks like it didn’t get moved over when we redid the developer site a little while ago - I’ll get it updated asap!



Hey Dave,

The document was removed because some changes to the service rendered it out of date and also incorrect in some ways. I’m waiting on an update to that doc to get it reposted to the site. In the interim if you have any cloud-to-cloud questions shoot them to me here (or email me directly at jgeorge @ and I can make sure that we get answers to you (and also that we address any questions you have in the updated documentation).