OTA update not happening

The Profile Editor is telling me that the firmware on my device is out of date and needs updating. I cannot publish until the update is done.

In case it helps, Afero Inspector is reporting the following version info:

  • bootloader 6106
  • softdevice 0
  • application 19876
  • profile 15590

App version is 1.5.0#4234 RELEASE.

Several times I have tried power cycling the device, while the app was running on my phone, but no update ever occurs.

Things were working fine until late this afternoon. I am pretty much stuck at this point not being able to do any more publishes. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!



Same here (;_:wink:

As of yesterday, out of three modulo-1s only the newest was
accepting OTA and publish.

But with this APE upgrade the last one joined the other party.

I’m looking forward to seeing OTA resumes (sigh)

About an hour ago, OTA started again.

And my modulo-1 started working again.



Yep, it’s working now.

Hey guys!

We rolled the OTA service last night to fix an issue with it - it seems you guys noticed the issue while we were working on it. Sorry about that! Thanks for letting us know, and everything should be working fine now. Please let us know if you see any other issues!



Hi, Joe-san,

As I also wrote to another thread,
could you announce the update schedule beforehand?

Since the holiday season is approaching,
we have already got enough “surprises.”


Hi Moto-san,

This particular update wasn’t really planned. Sorry. :frowning:

However, as a company we’re growing to the point to be able to inform our users about planned outages (and even unplanned ones when they happen.) I don’t have anything to announce on that front but it is something we’re discussing as part of growing our platform.

Thank you!


Dear Joe-san,

Thank you very much for your information!
I understand the situation.
I (We) hope that next update would be more graceful :wink:

Best Regards,
Motoo Tanaka