Pin number of Arduino UNO for interupt



I am confusiing about connection between plinto and Arduino UNO. (Modulo User Guide)

PIN number of INT is 2 in table “Uno Pins Used When Connected to Modulo via Plinto”. (afLib for Arduino API)

Prameter table of afLib.
mcuInterrupt:The number of the pin to be used to interrupt the Arduino when the radio module needs to communicate. This pin number depends upon the Arduino board you are using. It is 14 for Teensy and 16 for Uno.

It seems that PIN number of INT is 16 for UNO

It is 2. in example progrem of aflib(),

#define INT_PIN 2

I don’t know meanning of 16.

Thank you.


The meaning of “16” is simple. It’s an error in the documentation page that you linked. :smile:
For the Arduino Uno only pins 2 and 3 are supported for interrupts, so we use Pin 2 as the interrupt pin to alert the Arduino Uno that the Modulo has data that needs to be read.

I’ll open a documentation bug and get the documentation corrected. Thank you for catching that!