Please advise how a MCU programmed in C works with ASR-1

I went through the forum. Afero said ASR-1 would interface to any external MCU.

I often use a Taiwanese MCU series which compiler only handles C language. But afLib is written in C++. Would you advise how I can use this MCU to work with ASR-1 ?


The ASR-1 will talk to pretty much any MCU, as we said - the ASR-1 is a simple SPI client device, so any MCU that can send the SPI transactions that it understands will work fine.

We provide for your convenience an Arduino Library called afLib that’s written in c++, as you noted. You could, with a little effort (but not a tremendous amount of work), port that library to your MCU platform into pure C. The library only really uses some c++ stuff for convenience of passing some objects around (like the log and the ArduinoSPI object) which you could call directly instead of passing them as objects, and so on.

Can you let me know what MCU platform you’re talking about, so I can do a little research?