Sensitivity of slider bars on phone display


I created a little profile that uses a slider control. The value range for the slider is 60 to 244, with a step size of 1. When I try to operate the slider on my iPhone 5S, it is very difficult to set an exact value. I move the slider to get the desired value, but when I lift my finger the value changes by a few counts. It would be very useful if you could add functionality to the slider control so that tapping on either side of the circular handle would increment/decrement the value by the step size. That would make it much easier to achieve a finer level of control over the value being set.


Hi Dave!

Thanks for the feedback! Those sliders can be a little touchy, I have to agree. I believe in a newer version of the mobile app that we’re working on those sliders are a little easier to manage, but I don’t think there are specific bump up/down widgets. Let me check this out over the weekend and I’ll file a feature request for you if the newer UI isn’t a lot easier to work with.




Thanks, Joe. Looking forward to checking out the new version.