Suggesting a + to the Modulo schematic to indicate pin numbers


Document Feature Request - In the document ModuloSchematic.pdf there are two 18 pin headers called out as J1 and J2.
In each case, 12 of the pins are situated on the MCU interface side of the snap/break, 4 on the Afero side.

For the case when the Modulo is piggybacked on a Teensy board, it would be an added nicety to have the corresponding Teensy board pin numbers called out. Too much? Just lines across the header rectangles at the breakaway point would be a good thing.

Thanks for listening!


Hey David!

I’m sure we can accomodate something like that!

While we match the pinout of a Teensy so the Modulo can be piggybacked on one, obviously not all Teensy pins are connected to the Modulo. Would you be looking at the Modulo pinout to show what Teensy pins we connect to, or the whole Teensy pinout for reference purposes?



The short answer is both.
Long answer: In my case I was indeed trying to find out which of the teensy lines were being used vs available for other purposes. The teensy’s pinout is well documented in a single diagram. The modulo is also well documented, but for a one-stop pinout diagram there’s only the schematic. And it was helpful once I realised the snap-offs role in the pin numbering there. That’s when I finally sussed that my use of the teensy’s LED was what was killing communictions with the modulo. They use the same pin. The LED uses the i/o pin called “13” (as opposed to pin number 13). The same pin is labeled pin 5 of J2 - SPI_SCLK, part of an SPI port that the modulo uses to communicate with the Teensy.


Oh yeah, I totally see what you mean now. The Modulo numbering gets off because the actual ASR-1 piece’s pins sit in the middle of the numbering scheme. Makes perfect sense. Let me go back to the documentation folks and see if we can come up with something better than that.




Hey David,

I just uploaded a pin reference that maps the Teensy pins to the Modulo. We updated the developer documentation to list the specific pins that we use, but I thought a graphic with both the used and unused pins might also be handy to have as a reference.




Thank you very much Joe!
And it’s easy on the eyes…
Well done.


Haha, thanks for the compliment! Our design team is the best around, if I scribbled over one of their documentation images they’d have me for lunch. I’ve learned a lot from them. :slight_smile: