The APE update is live!

Our team at Afero World Headquarters has been hard at work adding new features to the platform (not to mention fixing a few bugs along the way).

Today we released a new version of APE (Afero Profile Editor) and we’re pretty stoked to tell you about some of the new features:

  • Preview your UI controls in the mobile app - As you define your UI Control Groups, click the Preview UI button to see a preview of how your UI will appear in the mobile app. (A “Preview Device” is added to your account for the purposes of UI testing.) Use this in conjunction with the Attribute Tester (more about that below) to see how the UI looks with various attribute values.

  • Test your device attributes - Before you publish, open the Attribute Tester for your device. Change the values to see the effect on both the mobile app UI and your device.

  • Specify Bluetooth advertising interval - From the Device Type window, you can now set the latency of your device’s advertising interval. The longer the interval, the lower the power requirement on your device’s battery. Optimize for your device.

  • Input attributes can be set as a latch - When you set a GPIO input attribute to operate as a latch, it will store a value until the value can be successfully transmitted to the Afero Cloud. This is handy for holding, then reporting, a sensor state change even when the state has gone back to normal.

  • Bind the value of one attribute to another - When you set one attribute to bind to another, any bound attribute value change is immediately propagated to the binding attribute. This feature is useful when you have independent ways to change a given state of a device.

These new features require your Modulo to be running the latest firmware version. To be sure, reboot your Modulo while the Afero mobile app is running.

You can find more info in the developer docs here:

We’d love to hear what you think about the latest update. You can reach us on the forum,, or contact us via email at

The Afero Team